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The idea to form an association began with a few members expressing the need for an association exclusively for psychiatric social work professionals. These members informally met up in Bangalore in 2017 to brainstorm on the possibility and process of the formation of such an association.  APSWP was registered on 08/11/2019.

If you are a qualified psychiatric social worker and want to join us, please get in touch with us.

Our Team



The logo of the Association of Psychiatric Social Work Professionals (APSWP) was designed in October 2019 through a consultative process that involved 26 members who made up the core committee of the Association as it was steered to form and register itself.

The hands holding up the leaves in a brain-shaped arrangement are hands that support, hands that nurture, hands that care, and hands that carry the assurance of holding up.

The leaves can be interpreted to represent the individuals and communities that PSWs work with but in this case, they also stand for the PSWs themselves. APSWP is an association formed to support the practitioners of psychiatric social work and so, the hands are, in fact, APSWP. The choice of leaves to depict PSWs is deliberate. Flowers happen because of leaves. It is the leaves that transpire, that photosynthesis, that enable flowers to bloom and fruits to form. If help-seekers are to blossom and come into their own, PSWs are the leaves that help with life-giving juices. And APSWP contributes to creating an enabling environment in which PSWs can give their professional best.

The three words below the leaves form a crucible – a container that can withstand immensely high temperatures without melting down or being otherwise distorted. The words themselves have been chosen with care.

Solidarity – is the commitment made by the members of APSWP individually, collectively, and organisationally to protect and promote the professional interests of psychiatric social work and its practitioners. Advocacy is an important component of this commitment.

Standards – refers to the commitment to maintain and promote professionalism that achieves the best at all times in a fast-changing world. Networking, linking, learning, and teaching are important components of this commitment.


Ethics – is the commitment to ensure that the profession can look itself in the face anytime and feel proud. Professional integrity is an important component of this commitment.

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